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Golam Haque




About Me

As a current resident in Caroline Springs, I am very  passionate about the social,  economic  and political development of our community.  

With a strong focus on the development of the local community, including Education & Training, Property Development & Property Management, I am passionate about change and believe with confidence, I can make a positive difference to the people of Cambridge Ward. 

During these challenging times, I believe we are in need of an inclusive and active representative from our local community who has both the passion and ability to focus on the many challenges at hand.

Community Engagement

Working together for a healthy and happy community

Your Voice Matters

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Contact Me

I am always listening to any problem, issues, and community improvements. Feel free to contact me and help me support the community together.

  • 0403 446 668
  • officials@golamhaque.com.au
  • Suites 3265 Shop 8
    29-35 Lake Street
    Caroline Springs
    VIC 3023

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